My Collaboration with Simply Always Awake

AWAKE: It's YOUR Turn (A Documentary About Ordinary People and Extraordinary Transformation)

Melodies of the Heart: Collaborating with Sarah Again

From raw recordings to polished tracks. Dive into the creative process of producing, mixing, and mastering the soulful tunes of Sarah Again.

New Beat!!! Horns Hit Me

Elevate your project with ‘Horns Hit Me,’ a versatile instrumental hip hop track that seamlessly blends energy and groove. 

Testify (Cover)

Testify (Cover) by Matthew V - E3 Publishing Co OG Vers by Rage Against The Machine

Animated Short - VO Processing, add SFX, Mix & Master Animated Short

Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering for an Animated Short Commercial

Country Crunk Radio

Combining the biggest hits of country music with an infusion of original, authentic hip-hop and R&B flavors.

The Dzibilchaltun Ruins

While I was looking to elevate my workout routine with some biking adventures around my current locale, I stumbled upon an app called AllTrails. To my surprise, it revealed that I was only half an hour's bike ride away from an ancient Mayan ruin. 

EWU (True Crime Documentaries) - Audio Resotoration, Enhancement

From May 2022 to October 2023, I had the honor of serving as the lead audio engineer for the renowned YouTube True Crime Documentarians at Explore With Us (EWU).

Sisterly Vibes

It has been my distinct pleasure to collaborate with Sisterly Vibes, where I have had the opportunity to mix and master songs. Working alongside Britney and Derrick H. has been an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Ellis Hall III