EWU (True Crime Documentaries) - Audio Resotoration, Enhancement

From May 2022 to October 2023, I had the honor of serving as the lead audio engineer for the renowned YouTube True Crime Documentarians at Explore With Us (EWU).

A significant part of my role involved handling interview audio that was often barely audible. My task was to repair and enhance these recordings to a level that was understandable and enjoyable for a large audience. I meticulously mixed and mastered these documentaries to meet industry-standard levels before they were released on the YouTube platform.

The audio processing journey involved thorough analysis, adept processing, precise mixing, and careful normalization. This process ensured that we achieved and maintained a captivating continuity throughout our content.

Key aspects of my work included:

• Processing voice-overs
• Reducing noise interference
• Mixing and mastering audio

For an intriguing glimpse into the kind of analysis carried out at EWU, feel free to check out a sample of our work.

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Ellis Hall III