Ellis Hall III, affectionately known as "E3" in music circles, is an award-winning Artist and Producer hailing from Boston. Before his rise to the Billboard charts, he laid the groundwork for his career making a name for himself on the local scene by recording demos for some of Boston's finest hip-hop artists in his home studio. Simultaneously, he was performing with the acclaimed general business band, Beantown, throughout New England and gaining pivotal industry experience through an internship at the renowned Bristol Studios in Boston.  These experiences would serve as a pivotal stepping stone, culminating in his collaboration with Redman's Gilla House Records. 

E3's production styles are a vibrant fusion of contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, and Ambient Funk. His unique touch has been etched into numerous records through collaborations with some of the music industry's most renowned artists and distribution companies.

Born into a musical family, E3 is the son of Ellis Hall Jr., the legendary soul singer and former member of Tower of Power. His vocal style, echoing the soulful tones of Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, pays homage to his significant influences. Other artists who have shaped his musical journey include Sting, Anita Baker, James Brown, and D'Angelo. His production approach draws inspiration from industry icons such as Timbaland, Wyclef Jean, Daz Dillinger, and Ben Watt.

Before fully immersing himself in the music industry, E3 pursued computer sciences at UMass Lowell and earned an associate's degree in graphic design from Northern Essex Community College of Massachusetts. These pursuits have undoubtedly enriched his creative process and artistic output.

E3's artistry goes well beyond the confines of the studio. Since 1998, he has been a dynamic presence on stage, lending his voice and exhibiting his drumming prowess with numerous general business bands. His performances have graced prestigious venues across the globe, enabling him to share his talent with a wide array of audiences.

E3's odyssey is a compelling testament to his innate talent, fiery passion, and relentless dedication to his art. His numerous accolades and substantial footprint in the contemporary music scene underscore his steadfast commitment to achieving musical excellence.

Ellis Hall III