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You don't have to call me 
You don't have to worry 
When you're not with me 
There's a lot of time for us to see each other (when everything is alright) 

(I Know That) 
I know that the universe, it will take care of us 
All good things come in due time 
Even if you pull away and even if you think you can't stay 
It's alright, 'cause I know you're mine 

Oh, thank you for being so understanding 
For showing me that a relationship doesn't really have to be that demanding (Hold on) 
Hold on to your dreams, I'll hold on to my own 
We'll never keep each other away from doing things we want 
and that'll keep us strong (Keep us strong) 
(I think it's cool that you and me seem to work in harmony) 
I never had this, I wanna kiss 
Every time you smile 
Oh yeah...


Written by Esthero & Ellis Hall III 
Produced by Ellis Hall III 
Recorded at Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada