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Ellis Hall III aka E3

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts.
Date of Birth: May 12, 1975
Hieght: 5'10"
Eyes: Brown
Heritage: African American/Caucasian

Ellis is a songwriter, producer as well as a performing artist.

Ellis Hall III (E3) is an artist whose music meets people where their ability to groove lives. He became this instrument when music grew to be his way of life instead of his hobby.

Until 1998, he had put all of his efforts into a career in graphic design, while his true love was music. It was at this time when he made the choice to step into the world of people who he admired and became an artist himself. It was not until this time that he was at home to utilize all that he had learned from growing up within and around a musical family.

His short lived career in graphic design made it evident that his passion was for creating music as he constantly found himself distracted by a beat, venturing off into a melody and rocking his head to nothing but the groove in his mind.

His musical career began with a simple keyboard. Within six months he was writing, singing and producing songs. With an internship at a recording studio, he furthered his understanding of engineering and began to build a studio of his own. What he couldn’t learn from his internship he taught himself, including programming with MIDI sequencers such as Cakewalk. With his new knowledge of music he began to develop musical connections with people. It was not long before he found that his production and singing skills were in demand by several artists & bands looking to create an impressive demo.

During all of this practice and growth he has honed his own craft and is excited about focusing his creativity towards himself & the world over. The drive for his work has brought him to life more than ever, and he is more than ready to let his contributions to music give life to others as well.

- Short biography written by Aprille Luv Hall.


The statement "history repeats itself" certainly is true for Boston born Ellis Hall III. "E3" as he is referred to in music circles, has the influences of his father, Ellis Hall Jr., the legendary soul singer, formerly of Tower of Power, to thank for his rich musical beginnings. However, music was not his initial career pursuit. He loves computers and studied graphic design which led to an associate's degree from Northern Essex Community College of Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell on track scholarship.

His smooth crooning style is reminiscent of Donny Hathaway, one of his major influences. His beats are contemporary and combined with his old-school R&B roots. His refreshing sound is a welcome contribution to today's musical landscape. His soulful melodies and complex harmonies stir a plethora of emotion in his listeners, whether from his hip-hop influenced tracks or his soulful ballads.

Other influences include Anita Baker, James Brown, D'Angelo and Stevie Wonder. He's worked with artists such as MC Lyte, Redman, Method Man, Saukrates, Termanology, Micheal Whalen, and Choclair to name a few and has landed tracks on such stations as Flow 93.5FM Toronto, MTV, VH1, Much Music, BET & More.

Ellis is also a member of Gilla House Records, an independent music movement captained by Reggie Noble.

Brief Discography:

One Soul[Deluxe Edition]

Biker Boyz Motion Picture Soundtrack (Dreamworks)

Method Man - Tical 0: The Prequel (Def Jam)

Redman - Red Gone Wild (Def Jam)

Michael Whalen - Mysterious Ways (Koch)

This Is A Game Ladies - Basket Ball Documentary (PBS/Partisan Pictures)



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